An open letter to the person that stole my car

Tim Piche

I recently posted this letter to my personal Facebook page and it has gotten quite a bit of attention. Please read and share it if you have a minute.

I would like to personally thank Shoeless Joe’s Restaurant in Milton for replying to this post with a gift certificate for my son saying that “Good things happen to good people”.

I would also like to thank the Milton Champion for agreeing to publish this letter in their paper in the next few weeks!!


I would like to congratulate you on acquiring a 2007 Honda Civic with low mileage in great condition at no cost to you from directly in front of my home in Milton on July 18th (2 days before my birthday, but hey….how would you know).

The cost to me has been a little bit of a struggle to deal with. I felt violated when I woke up in the morning and saw that my car was gone. And felt even more violated when the insurance company asked all of the questions that made me feel as if I did steal my own car. I hope you get the same feeling one day when someone decides to take something from you of significant value. It calms me that Karma is a real bitch and it will come back to you eventually.

This car has been paid off for quite a few years and I had no car payments of which I do now. I understand that it is my choice to buy a new vehicle and sustain the payments, but if you didn’t steal it, I wouldn’t be in this situation now would I?

The part that aggravates me the most is that my 6 year old son is now terrified and must keep the doors in our house locked at all times because you have now validated for him that scum-bag criminals are in fact a real part of our society.

I hope the person(s) that stole my vehicle reads this (If they can read at all) and know that it is not only the vehicle owner that you are affecting. My children, my sense of safety, likely my insurance rates and my bank account are all feeling the pain because you made a poor choice in your life and felt the need to affect mine.

Please share this as I would like the person who did this to read it eventually.

Posted on August 1, 2014 in Blog

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