Basic Photography 101

Photography is fun when you start getting good at it. You will know when you are getting good when people besides your close friends family members take notice to you work. Mom’s opinion generally doesn’t count.

When you are just starting out, photography can be very intimidating. The good news is that understanding a few basic principles can increase your skill level!

The rule of thirds


When taking a photograph, your viewfinder generally has 9 squares in it. I am here to remind you that they are there for a reason.

When we look at an image, our eyes are drawn to the outside corners of the centre square (Marked with blue dots on this image). These dots along with the vertical lines are generally where you would like something interesting from the photo to go like a person’s eyes or the tip of a mountain.

Utilizing the rule of thirds will greatly improve your images straight out of the gate.



Fill the frame

fill-the-frameFilling the frame also makes for more interesting images. First of all, the viewer does not have to guess what you were trying to photograph. When you fill the frame, your subject will be front and centre!

When photographing people, you may also want to set your camera to use a lower aperture setting (f1.8 – f5.6) to get the blurred background (Bokeh) effect. This helps your subject stand out substantially in photographs and removes any distractions in the background.

Simply understanding these 2 basic principles will have you on your way to becoming a better photographer.

Thanks for reading!!

Posted on September 23, 2013 in Blog

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