Blog Roller Jam II

This year I had the privilege of covering the second annual Mississauga Waterfront Festival Roller Jam held at the Port Credit Memorial Arena. There was a mix of skill level from beginners to seasoned skaters but the one thing everyone had on common was fun. This is a truly awesome and well-organized event that has fun…

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Miranda and Kevin – Engagement Photos

Congratulations to Miranda and Kevin on their engagement! I definitely had an awesome time capturing their engagement photos and can not wait for their wedding to arrive! Thank you for being awesome to work with!!

You are your own worst critic

You are your own worst critic!

I have created many things over the years! Websites, photographs, brochures, graphics, banners, trade show displays etc. The one thing haunting me every time I create something is the self judgement lurking inside before I hit the send button. I always seem to ask myself the same question before sending anything to a client. That…

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Viewbug, 500px or flickr….popularity contests?

Although there are many social photo sharing sites to choose from, lets look at the 3 major players (flickr, 500px and viewbug) and the one huge downfall I have found. flickr, 500px and viewbug have been around for many years and have also gone through many overhauls and feature revisions. In their current state, the user…

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Photography Archive Invasion Project – Week Fourteen

This image was taken at the 2014 Toronto Zombie Walk. It was colour corrected and cropped to straighten the railing.

Photography Archive Invasion Project – Week Thirteen

This image was taken around just before Christmas of 2014. We do our own Christmas cards every year which has proven to be an adventure in itself! This was shot against a chroma key green screen, so the background is super easy to remove.

Photography Archive Invasion Project – Week Twelve

As a parent of 2 small kids, I spend a lot of time at the park! This image was colour corrected, the eyes brightened and cropped for the rule of thirds. It was a very simple edit which yielded great results!

Photography Archive Invasion Project – Week Eleven

So this time I decided to cheat on the project a little to show off some Photoshop skills (The total time to edit was 44 minutes on this one). This photo was taken last year at my parents house, It is my dad and son in the photo. My Dad recently sold the hot rod…

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Photography Archive Invasion Project – Week Ten

This is one of my favourite images for this project! Photoshop was never opened for this one, I only used Lightroom. The background was simply over exposed using the adjustment brush to make it completely white. I converted it to black and white in lightroom and bumped the clarity slider pretty high to get all…

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Photography Archive Invasion Project – Week Nine

This was taken at African Lion Safari in 2013. The original image had very washed colours and a light sky, but I liked the reflection in the water. I colour corrected the trees and sky and made a mirror for the reflection in the water.    

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