Lost in the Shadows – Tutorial

Starla Lost

Lost in the Shadows

In my most recent photo shoot with Starla Lost I captured this shot and a few people have asked “How did you do that”. I have created a diagram below showing how I got the shot.

It was a fairly simple 2 light set-up with a dark grey backdrop and 2 x 400W lights with 40″ x 20″ strip boxes.

The model stood roughly 8 feet from the backdrop looking directly at the main light on the right. This prevents the backdrop from being lit and makes darkening the background to pure black much easier.

My camera settings were as follows:

  1. Shutter Speed: 1/125 second
  2. Aperture: F18
  3. ISO: 100
  4. Left light: 1/4 power
  5. Right light: full power

This technique also creates an image with more depth as the light falls into shadow from right to left.

As far as post processing goes, Photoshop was never opened. The trick to a shot like this only needs lightroom!

  1. Click the adjustment brush
  2. Drag the exposure slider all the way down leaving all others alone
  3. Increase the feather size to almost full
  4. Paint away the background!

In my case the background was dark grey so I needed to change it to solid black. The reason for increasing the feather is so there will be no harsh lines in the final image.

I hope you found this post helpful! Drop a comment below if you have anything to share on the topic.


Created using http://www.lightingdiagrams.com/Creator


Posted on December 29, 2014 in Blog

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