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NaceCare Solutions is built on top of the Drupal 7 content management system framework. This site is unique as it requires many backend features for user management, content management, pricing management as well as the ability to import content and pricing from excel spreadsheets.

The site in its entirety is approximately 4000 pages and took approximately 6 months to complete from start to finish. The server also had to be tuned for the amount of traffic coming to the site. Tools for server improvement include: APC, ,Memcached, heavy page compression and CSS/JS aggregation. Most pages top a Google Pagespeed ranking of 90+ with the highest page tested at 96.

 Mobile First

The site is built with mobile first responsive design. It automatically adapts itself to the device that you are viewing the site with by shifting content and sidebars to make a perfect fit.

User management currently houses 2000+ users. The user management system allows the administrator(s) to approve user accounts and apply them to different roles. Different roles have access rules and will see the site differently. Their is also a customer service module to allow customer service representatives to look up account information without being able to modify the accounts.

A dealer locator is also available for internal staff and provides area code lookups for various dealers that are set up on the site.

Content Management

The content system is quite unique on All of the content changes are made through a spreadsheet. Once all of the changes are complete, the spreadsheet is uploaded and the new or updated content is live. The system also allows for content revisions and gives the ability to revert to any revision previously saved.

The product images are also loaded separately through a separate interface. This allows the 3 systems to be to managed by the appropriate people seamlessly without accidentally changing data.

Drawing Management currently houses over 3000 drawings for the dealer portal. These drawings are separated by product and then again by a serial number range. The system allows you to upload a drawing file and input the model number and serial date range and then takes care of the rest. The interface is very simple and easy to manage.

Pricing Management

NaceCare currently sells product across North America and has an excess of 10,000+ skus. The pricing system allows them to upload both U.S and Canadian price lists and gives their dealer the ability to search by part number. All of the search mechanism is done through a slick ajax system.

Single Sheet Literature

A “on the fly” PDF builder was required to generate a peice of single sheet literature for every product sold. This helped reduce overall printing and design costs. The literature is built from the web page data, so it will always remain up to date.

Client: NaceCare Solutions

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